Team of Ikigai restaurant

Dmitriy Krivoshap is the Chef of Ikigai restaurant

Dmitriy has gained culinary experience from youthful years and since the age of 18 he worked in the best kitchens of the capital.
There are numerous victories on his account in food creating and foodpairing competitions, which recently turned the whole world of culinary upside down.
Today, Dmitriy represents a new generation of chefs.
In the beginning of 2019, he returned from Japan, one of the world’s most mysterious countries, where he travelled to comprehend the cuisine secrets of the Land of the Rising Sun.
Now he has an experience of internship at the restaurant INUA. And menu of Ikigai has dishes of innovative Japanese cuisine.
His mission as a Chef of Ikigai Dmitriy explains in such way: “Enjoyment is the meaning of life. Enjoy”.